Located in the historic center of Gubbio, within the walls of a beautiful medieval building, La Taverna del Lupo is a landmark for the excellence of the Umbria, the Eugubinian and the contemporary gourmet cuisine.

It was founded in 1968 by an idea of Rodolfo Mencarelli and his wife Lisette. 50 years after, La Taverna del Lupo has become a restaurant with an international reputation up to win the prestigious "5 Diamonds Stars Award" in 1998.
The Mencarelli Family has been running the business for 50 years by offering a stylish and comfortable environment. Thanks to the courtesy and high quality of food, prepared with the ingredients of the most valuable quality, the Mencarelli Group has managed to carve out this place in the Olympus of Italian cuisine.

Love for tradition and imagination meet halfway, in a clever play of transpositions and reinterpretations of local cuisine recipes.


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